Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Looking for the best thermoelectric wine cooler?  Look no further, I have scoured the internet to bring you the newest and best models.  I have put hours and hours of research into finding what makes each of these coolers the best at what they do and have laid everything out to save you time and frustration when choosing one for yourself.

Thermoelectric wine bottle coolers are awesome and efficient when used in a climate regulated space.  If you cool/heat your home year round (even when you are gone) or have a stable cellar, then a thermoelectric unit is right for you.

NewAir AW-181E

Thermoelectric wine bottle cooler reviewedFlexible storage and a vibration free compressor are highlights of the NewAir AW-181E.  Not only do normal Bordeaux bottle store well, but so do 1500 ml magnums!  Collections change and this cooler will change with you.  With room for 18 bottles, this adaptable wine refrigerator makes an excellent addition to any bar or den.

This unit features 5 removable and sliding racks.  This allows the owner (that’s you!) to store anything from a standard bottle to a magnum bottle or anything else in between. This cooler’s middle name is flexible; if you aren’t looking to store a massive collection or if you are looking to keep a couple extra bottles handy…this wine bottle cooler is for you.

Thermoelectric means no compressor which equals no vibration. The design of this cooler ensures that the bottles you keep for a longer period of time will remain undamaged and keep their vibrant taste. In addition to the stillness of this unit, it is also environmentally friendly; no compressor mean that it does not require any refrigerant to be recycled or disposed of.

As with any thermoelectric cooler, the internal temperature is dependent on the external climate.  This cooler, in a proper place, will cool to a minimum of 54 degree; which makes it a prime appliance for dry white and red wines.

AKDY® 28 Bottle Single Zone Thermoelectric  Wine Cooler

thermoelectric wine coolerDependable, vibration free, flexible…all attributes desirable to a wine cooler.  The AKDY 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler is all of those things and more.  Here are the highlights:

As with all thermoelectric wine coolers, the temperature range is moderate; in this case, the range is a modest 50 – 66 degrees. Being a single zone cooler, you would need to ensure this unit is kept in a climate controlled environment.

I love flexible shelving!  Since I never know what bottle sizes I am going to have on hand, the ability to change and rearrange the storage is definitely high on my list of features I look for. Also, with these shelves being wooden you don’t have to worry about harsh abrasions to bottle labels.

This appliance also has adjustable legs; which means it can be set anywhere, on carpet, over a transition…ANYWHERE in the house.  When looking for a stand alone cooler, flexibility also ranks high on my desired feature list.

One thing that needs to be noted about this cooler in particular: The Door needs to be opened to almost 180 degree when sliding shelves out.  Not doing so may cause undesirable wear on door seals and could lead to a failure in the long term.  But, because this cooler is not a fixed appliance, it can be rearranged to make this a non-issue.

Whynter 20 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

wine fridgeJust as important as features are aesthetics, both of which can be found in the Whynter 20 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler.  Adjustable shelves, tinted door glass and a slick looking appearance are found in this appliance. Not only that, but this unit is cost effective as well.

The black tinted glass and recessed handle give a polished look that will make this unit a great addition to any room.  Being tinted, the black glass will also protect your collection from the sun in case you decide to position it opposite a window or glass door.

The five shelves contained in the cooler are removable and re-positionable. This allows for flexibility in collecting and ensure reasonable accommodation in the case of a surprise gift.  Because wine collections grow and shrink with age and use, having a unit that can adjust with your tastes is essential.

My favorite feature of this unit is a simple one: the interior light has on/off switch.  I don’t usually mention the inside light, but that’s because there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about it.  However, with this unit, the ability to choose whether the light is on or not is a really nifty feature.

The dimensions of this cooler create a tight fit bottles are a tight fit, but if the included instructions are followed, all of your wine will be chilled and ready for you.

NewAir AW-321ED 32 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Dual Zone french door wine refrigeratorSome of this and some of that.  That is what you can have when you choose a dual zone wine bottle cooler.  Everyone has their favorites, but variety is what makes loving wine so great. Having chilled whites, champagne and even a red ready to go is what it is all about.

The dual zone feature in this NewAir 32 Bottle Wine Cooler allows you to cool your wine to separate temperatures.  Now, maybe you only want to chill white wines…and that’s ok, but what this will allow you to do is keep your sweet white wines and dry whites at different temperatures…and that is AWESOME.

Those dual temperatures are great, but so is knowing what those temperatures are.  With external controls and easy to read display…that information is always available. [Wine temp chart link]  Print or save this temperature chart for an easy reference.

Not only can you see and choose dual temperature with this wine cooler, you can have easy access to your collection too.  With wooden, slide out shelving, each bottle is always within easy reach.

If you look a the shelves, however, you  might be wondering how everything fits. With some of the larger bottle, such as magnums, a shelf may have to be removed to accommodate.  This isn’t unique to this cooler as the industry standard bottle count is based on Bordeaux bottles.

I have my favorites in each category of wine cooler, thermoelectric models are no different. The beautiful wooden shelves and french doors give this cooler a refined look that would enhance any living space and impress any guest. The NewAir AW-321ED is the best of the best when it comes to Thermoelectric coolers!