Not looking for a built-in wine cooler? Here are the best freestanding wine bottle coolers available.

Whether you can’t remodel your kitchen, or just don’t want to make that commitment, a freestanding wine cooler is an excellent choice for storage that will fit anywhere.  In the past couple of years there have been some tremendous advancements in freestanding wine coolers; no longer is vibration a deal breaker when looking at compressor based models; all of the models I recommend below are high performing and would be a great addition to any room in the house.

When choosing a freestanding wine bottle cooler, there are many options and configuration available.  Knowing if you want a large or small wine fridge, how controlled the climate is (helpful for choosing between thermoelectric and compressor based appliances) and if you desire a dual temperature unit can help you narrow down the field dramatically.

Take a few minutes and read the below reviews to see which cooler will fit your needs best.

AKDY 32 BTL Electric Wine Cooler

best thermoelectric wine coolerThe AKDY 32 Bottle Electric Wine Cooler is thermoelectric, meaning that the unit uses electricity to control temperatures and not chemicals. These units make a great choice for someone looking for a wine cooling appliance that uses no CFCs, HCFCs or any other coolant.  Better yet, when in a climate controlled room (within 20 degrees) this unit will use minimal electricity to ensure your collection stays at the optimal temperature.

Shelving is a critical feature of wine refrigerators.  Wine bottles can get heavy, especially over long storage periods.  In inferior units, shelves will warp and create doubts when considering the stability of the cooler, this wine cooler leaves no doubts…the shelves and strong, adjustable and will outlast the appliance itself.

Not only is durability important, but utility and appearance as well (Who wants a cooler that looks like a rusty box?) The primary benefit of freestanding vs built in wine coolers is that the former can be put anywhere and even rearranged when the furniture is.  The silver cabinets and stainless steel trim of this unit would bring a modern feel to any room in the house.

The primary complaint with this cooler is the temperature variance.  This unit has been found to be off by 5 degrees, either way.  This is easily solved with a $5 thermometer or you can get a fancy, slightly more expensive one that will send status updates and alerts to your cell phone.

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

countertop wine bottle coolerI know what you are thinking…a 12 bottle wine cooler?  Yes!  The Avanti 12 Bottle Counter Top Wine Cooler is a small wine fridge can fit literally anywhere!  Not only that, but you can arrange it to hold 4 OPEN bottles. This unit would make an awesome addition to any apartment or bar where a full size cooler is not possible.

Having wine ready when you are is great but not every bottle is finished the same day it is opened.  This cooler makes allowances for that in it’s configuration.  By allowing up to four bottle to be stored vertically, you will no longer have to shy away from offering one guest a white when you are sure someone else prefers reds.

Since this smaller cooler is thermoelectric, it doesn’t use coolant and it will not agitate the wine.  If kept in a controlled environment (within 20 degrees of the desired wine temperature), this unit will use minimal electricity and is virtually silent.

The only downside to this unit is that the temperature display will turn off after about 10 minutes, if you are vigilant about your wine and it’s temperature, you may want to invest in a separate thermometer to keep you constantly updated. Overall this cooler is excellent at what it is designed to do, where it is designed to work….which is anywhere!

AKDY® 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler

Dual Zone wine refrigeratorAdjustable everything!  We all know wine bottle are not made the same, some are larger than others.  With the AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone wine bottle cooler, it doesn’t matter! Not only are the shelves adjustable but so are the legs.  This means that this refrigerator can be put anywhere and can fit any kind of bottle.

This appliance features wooden, pull out shelves.  This allows for a custom configuration to fit even the largest of bottles.  Do not let your wine cooler dictate what you should store in it. This fridge is adaptable to every taste…even if that taste changes.

The dual zone features let you store more than one type of wine.  Red, white, champagne, another white….it doesn’t matter.  Being dual zoned adds more functionality to this already versatile appliance.

Adjustable shelves, dual zoned adjustable temperatures, and last but not least adjustable legs.  This might not seem like a big deal, but it is.  Especially if you have uneven floors or carpet.  The ability to adjust the legs allows level storage for your precious collection.

However, not everything is perfect; because this unit vents from the rear, it does needs some stand off space from the wall.  That said, if you place it directly in front of the receptacle, the space needed for the electrical plug to be place in the outlet will be sufficient.

Kalamera 28 Bottle Freestanding Wine Cooler

kalamera large wine bottle coolerNot only does this Kalamera fit 28 bottles, it is also vibration free and it uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant (r600).  These are all great features when looking for wine storage.

It used to be that compressor based coolers were sub-par.  Not anymore, Kalamera has designed this compressor to be nearly vibration free which will alleviate any concerns about the effects on the stored wine. The vibrations have been stymied so much so, that if you were looking at a thermoelectric unit and were worried about ambient temperatures then this is the wine cooler for you.

Along with the vibration free design and the roomy storage, this unit also features heavy duty glass doors which provide great UV protection.  This ultraviolet light protection give you the freedom to place it anywhere, even adjacent to east/west facing windows.

The ONLY downside I could find to this unit, was that the door was not reversible. However, because this unit is not meant to be installed, it can be moved and arranged around the existing decor for optimum utilization.

All things being equal, my choice for a free standing wine refrigerator is the Kalamera 28 Bottle Wine Cooler.  Not only does this unit look great, but the advanced vibration free compressor really puts it over the top.  As much as I would like a thermoelectric wine fridge, there are times when I am away from home and I don’t keep the temperature as regulated as it could be.  All of the units above are great choices, we all have specific needs and wants when it comes to coolers but the Kalamera really stands out.