Which built in wine cooler is right for me?


Whether you desire to replace that old trash compactor or are rebuilding your kitchen and want to include a wine cooler sorting out the features and understanding which appliance is right for you can be a pain.  I have spent a great number of hours looking for the best cooler for me…so why shouldn’t you benefit from all of the research?

There are a number of good built-in coolers and while you can shove just about anything into a space under the counter or in an empty cabinet, these refrigerators have been designed specially for this purpose.  I have found the following wine coolers to be the best of the best in this category.  

Edgestar 121 Bottle Single Zone Built-in Wine Cooler

Built in wine cooler

Built-In or Freestanding Capable

This unit is great because it is so versatile.  It is fitted with front vents that allow it to be installed flush with the surrounding cabinetry. It also comes complete with a finished cabinet so that it can be moved elsewhere if plans change.

Digital Controls

Digital controls are essential.  My first wine cooler had an analog knob that wasn’t numbered…I had to guess and use an external thermometer to set the correct temperature.  On top of that, even though I had set it, the know would move from time to time making constant monitoring a necessity.  This wine cooler has an easily accessible digital control panel that is unobtrusive, easy to read and easy to adjust.

Tinted Glass

Maybe you want to install this unit opposite that big bay kitchen window…or any other natural light source for that matter, the tinted door glass shields your collection from damaging UV rays and external heat that could spoil your wine or, at the very least put an undue amount of stress on your appliance….shortening its lifespan considerably.

No product is perfect, more important than perfection is consistency.  My research has found that the displayed temperature on the digital control panel is consistently off by 3 degrees, making it easy to correct for.

Kalamera 12” Built-in Wine Cooler 18-bottle

Under counter wine refridgeratorVibration Free

The main concern I hear about compressor based wine bottle coolers is with vibration.  We all know that subjecting a bottle to constant vibration for any length of time can be extremely damaging to the wine, not so with this cooler. This Kalamera 18 bottle cooler uses advanced compressor technology to ensure a quiet appliance with minimal vibrations, ensuring your wine is cool and safe for years to come.


This Kalamera cooler is also very slim.  Many homes were built with trash compactors, this cooler can fit in where the compactor is or was to add utility and value to your kitchen.  Not only will it fit, but the it will look good at the same time.

Filters UV Light

This unit features both double layer tinted glass and a carbon filter to ensure the environment stays on the outside, where it
belongs.  The double layer glass keeps the light and heat out while the filter ensures that lingering, sometimes unnoticeable odors are kept at bay.

As with many large appliances damage may occur during shipment, an overall theme during my research on this particular manufacturer was that their customer service is top-notch; so don’t fret about the shipping.

NOTE:  This cooler is also available in a 46 bottle version, but it is 24 inches wide.

EdgeStar 36 Bottle Built-In Dual Zone French Door

This great looking 36 bottle cooler is dual zoned, can be installed as a built-in or stand alone and is lockable.  All great attributes to look for when looking for new or additional storage for your collection.

dual zone wine fridgeDual Zones

By incorporating a dual zone cooler into your kitchen or bar, you will have the option of keeping you collection at different temperatures based solely on your personal preferences.  No matter if you keep white and red wines or just different white wine, they will be ready when you want them.

French Doors

Not only is this cooler dual-zoned, but the french doors and front vents allow it to be installed anywhere.  In cabinets, in the corner or behind the bar…where it goes is up to you!

One caution: In a power outage, the temperatures will reset to default.  I suggest putting the reds on the left and whites on the right since the right side is set to a lower temperature.

When installing a built-in unit, understanding the available feature will ensure you make the best possible choice for your installation.  Knowing which units have tinted glass doors, lockable cabinets and reversible doors makes choosing the right appliance for your collection easy.  When it comes down to it, each of the units reviewed here will do a spectacular job at keeping your wine readily available

My Suggestion:

If you can have or can find the room for it, I wholeheartedly recommend the Edgestar 121 Bottle cooler.  Not only is it fitted with the tinted glass, but the capacity can only be beat by much larger units.  You can never have too much space for your ever growing collection.